HERO, Inc.


School in Belle Anse

Water system in Corail Lamothe

Food distribution after Hurricane Matthew in Haiti


Medical clinic in Hinche

Structural assessments after 2010 earthquake

School in Belle Anse

Dr. Gerry in medical clinic in Belle Anse

Crossing the river at Marigot east of Jacmel

Water system in Mare Brignole

Water system in Au Centre

Water system in Los Palis

Support for BATF school and clinic in Belle Anse

Disaster relief after Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

Water purification system installed January 2019 in Belle Anse

All of these projects involving schools and medical clinics were completed on schedule and under or at budget.  There is no bidding process for peojects in Haiti.  If a contractor knows that he is bidding against another contractor, he will refuse to submit a cost for the project.  Therefore it is important to select a contractor that has a good reputation and negotiate a cost.  HERO has experience with contractors in Haiti and only negotiates with those reputable contractors.