HERO, Inc.

Why is HERO different from other NGO's working in Haiti?

Our focus is providing humanitarian aid that will empower Haitians to be self sufficient and independent by helping to create a middle class. This will enable them to exercise their rights for self governing through a government that cares about the people.  This aid includes schools to help in the education process, medical clinics that provide good health care, homes that are structurally safe and affordable. This will also encourage agricultural development so that they are less dependent on foreign aid during natural disasters.

The following is a partial list of what HERO has accomplished since its founding in 2003:
1. Built two schools in Belle Anse for primary grades K-8.
2. Built a school in Port Margo.
3. Built medical clinics in Hinche and Gonaives.
4. Designed and installed four water collection and purification systems in Corail Lamothe, Mare Brignole, Los Palis, and Au Centre with Engineers Without Borders and Haiti Outreach.
5. Built an orphanage in Port au Prince.
6. Supported two other orphanages in Port au Prince.
7. Provided numerous library-in-a-box modules to schools throughout Haiti.
8. Provided structural assessments of numerous buildings in and around Port au Prince after the 2010 earthquake.
9. Provided food for distribution after the 2016 Hurricane Matthew.
10. Assisting SEES, Inc. in the building of a manufacturing plant in Port au Prince to make structural steel insulated panels (SSIP) for safe and affordable homes and other structures which will be distributed throughout the Caribbean.  This plant will help build a business upon which Haiti can start to build a self-sustaining economy.
11. Support BATF, a Haitian nonprofit, in the construction of a school, medical clinic and scholarship program in Belle Anse.

HERO has executed these projects with very little administrative costs as all of our people are volunteers with expertise in the medical, engineering, and construction fields.

We are also involved with disaster relief in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria.  We have collected critically needed items for immediate relief including tarps, Aquatab water purification tablets, flashlights, batteries solar chargers, inverters and 2-way radios.